Friday, November 17, 2006

Family Photos

This photo were taken 04/11/2006 For my parents annerversary this year. There is me and my sister's family.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Horse riding without parents

Hadas and i went horse riding in November and here are some pictures of that experience. we we cantering on the beach.

This is by far our most sought after ride, due to the demand for this ride we will take inexperienced riders thru to the most experienced riders down to the beach. After your horse selection process has been completed our staff will brief you as to any conditions that might be pertinent on the day: (we do ride thru national parks there are conditions)

Be sure before leaving Ace-Hi that you want to remain in the saddle for approx 2.75 hours, as once we leave ace-hi there is no turning back unless of extreme emergencies.
After about 20 minutes thru ace-hi property we leave to go thru Gundabah, this is an open stretch of property with some gentle undulation. After crossing this section we proceed down the bush track, this track is suitable for a good canter and will please the more experienced riders, meanwhile our staff will help the not so experienced to canter and enjoy their ride also. From the track there is some gentle walking along Truemans road until we cross over into the national park. Down another track to St. Andrews beach, but before the beach a 5 minute break for all of you who want a rest, then onto the ocean beach, a gentle walk up the beach before a good canter back along the waters edge (if at this point you do not wish to canter please notify the staff of you intentions). After about 15 to 20minutes on the beach we leave to return home. By this time most of our riders are getting very familiar with their horses and are feeling confident , thus we tend to have a slightly quicker return to ace- hi.(at this point I reiterate if you have any reservations about your riding capabilities please talk to our staff that is their job to look after you, the customer)

Times & cost :

This bush and beach ride is set at $65 per rider and is available to all riders over 7 yrs of age. Group
concessions of up to 20% are available on request. (Condition: all younger riders must have some previous riding experience)
Departs daily from the jailhouse at, 9.00am and 12.30pm, (4.00pm daylight saving time only). (bookings essential)

8 Ball Presentation night

On the far left is brendon who won most improved for snooker. In the middle is Leanne who won the most improved female in 8Ball. An that leave me who won the most improved male in 8Ball.

Hadas and I

Hadas, Karen and I

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Melbourne Show 2005

Hadas with the wig

Chris from Hello hello

Me with my wig

Hadas and i dared each other to buy showbag but there was no toto in my size so i couldn't walk around as a fairy with wings,tiara,wand and toto. And hadas was going to be bob the builder. So we brought wigs!!

We also meet Chris from chris and maria from Chris and Marie’s Plant Farms and watch out for the wombat!!

Copeland Trophy

Here are some photos

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hadas and I

On the beach

With the great man himself Rob Schneider

Monday, October 03, 2005

Grand final banner and crew

In the topis the Athletes running through the banner.

In the middle is the Collingwood/Commonweath cheersquad.

In the bottom the the banner.

A great time was had by all.